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about us

Maredin Capital Advisors (Maredin) is a boutique, independent, Registered Investment Advisor, based in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 2005 by Marcelo Zinn and is based on the Value Investing philosophy founded by Benjamin Graham and popularized by his most famous student Warren Buffett.

When Maredin was founded, its primary goal was to provide long-term outperformance to ''accredited'' (high net worth) investors. Over the past few years, after numerous discussions with friends, friends of friends, and clients, regarding their financial situations and goals, we realized that people are simply not getting the financial advice they need from some other firms. They are being told what they want to hear, not what is best for them. They are getting boilerplate answers and recommendations, not tailored solutions. And worst of all, they are not getting the performance results they deserve.

In response to this, we decided that in addition to focusing on investing in undervalued companies and attaining long-term capital appreciation for ''accredited'' investors, we wanted to help anyone who would like to have but didn't know where to find superior financial guidance; hence, we decided to create Separately Managed Accounts and the Goodwin Portfolio, and offer them to all investors.

At Maredin we pride ourselves on delivering financial services/products which help people and firms attain their financial goals. This is done through consultation with our clients, independent research and analysis, and a clear focus on long-term results.